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    I first got a taste for film through my love of photography. I was enraptured with the ability to capture a split second of history; and furthermore make it look beautiful. I discovered the joy of stories as a cheeky kid staying up past my bedtime with a torch under the covers reading entire novels in hours; which turned into plays, which turned into wanting to perform them all. Each of these crafts stimulated me, but when I figured out you could put all of them together, I knew I had found something that made me tick.


    I am creatively driven and inspired to tell stories differently, whether that be through an innovative stylistic approach, with an unheard voice or with an exciting medium, it is my goal to tell stories unseen. My key influences come from directors such as Barry Jenkins and Greta Gerwig; directors that create films of authenticity, delicacy, visual delight and immense thought and love.


    I’ve worked in a variety of roles within the vastness that is film and media as a director, producer, production designer, sound recordist, boom operator, composer, and as a radio host on for a weekly segment on an arts focused community radio station, 2XX FM.

    Amongst them being AFTRS graduation films, student documentary shorts and a reality dating web series written by CJZ and adapted for distribution on the official AFTRS YouTube channel. I did a week of work experience at Channel 9 in 2016 ,working closely with journalists and freelance camera men to capture vision of events and breaking stories for the weekly 6pm news.


    I currently work as a restaurant supervisor at Queen Chow in Enmore; hospitality is a great love, furthermore wine is my niche interest, and it is something that I view as a segway to the understanding of a crew and how teamwork really does make the dreamwork. As such I'm hoping after almost ten years working in restaurants the next ten will involve less time spent on selling for the sake of it and more grounds to create and collaborate with likeminded individuals.


    I love stories that strike fear and love into the hearts of viewers. Stories that make people think and spend hours discussing it with others afterwords. I'm drawn to stories that explore themes of exploration, discovery, identity, sexuality and the unknown. My values lie in the basket of the sustainable, environmentally friendly and LGBTQ+ communities.


    Graduation Films 2017 - Australian Film Television and Radio School


    I was a Production Designer along side William Tran, working with Michail Mathioudakis, a queer writer/director on Witch Hunties, Episode 1. A proof of concept pilot episode for a web series, a group of drag queens with an affinity for the power of tarot cards and all things magical get up to mischeif robbing bookshops for money to pay rent and buy more wigs as well as continue their drag mother's legacy. Encapsulating the subtextual references to the disparity of LGBTQ+ rights in society as we currently know it, combined with visual excitement of the world of drag and glitter.


    I worked in the art department in various roles for Alexei Toliopoulos' short comedy film Gronks; an adventurous fantasy tale about a group of neanderthals discovering fire for the first time. Under the guidance of Annie Wright'(head of props and staging at AFTRS) and production designer Jayden Chessels, I was a prop maker and scenic artist, building a life size tree trunk and replica model tree, various cavemen bowls, and 4 miniature sets that were then filmed on green screen. On set I worked as a set dresser and standby wardrobe as well as boom operator. That was a wild week of shooting; having 4 extra pairs of hands attached to my arms would've been ideal... but we pulled it off!


    Jacky Wants A Fight, a short film about a teenage boy riddled with grief after the death of his mother, reaches a breaking point with bullies at school as he attempts to hone his anger and challenge the emotional and physical pressures of perceived masculinity in society. Directed by Matthew Ford, Jacky Wants A Fight was the third graduation short I worked on, this time as sound recordist and boom operator.


    I enjoy being stimulated and challenged by different tasks and collaborating with different folk in each department. In that way one of my greatest strengths is versatility and the ability to tailor the way I communicate with people in methods they can comprehend. I thrive under pressure and get great satisfaction from finding innovative, exciting solutions in a creative problem solving environment.


    They say everything has been done under the sun, however in the face of this debbie downer kind-of-truth, my motivation to tell stories can be synthesised as “It’s not about what you say; it’s about how you say it.”


    Please feel free to contact me at any time using the submission form at the bottom of the page
    (and thank you if you've read all this way, hopefully you'll check out what I have to offer.)

  • Education 

    I'm literally the poster child for production design at AFTRS. See my face covering the homepage here.

    Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS)

    Bachelor of Screen Arts (B.A) 2016 -2018

    Directing, Production Design, Screen Writing

  • Directorial Work

    Searching for Ruben (2017)


    Searching for Ruben is a documentary about Ruben Cuda: an authentic and refreshing perspective of a fiercely strong transgender individual, and how his journey has impacted and complimented his craft as a visual artist.


    Ruben is one of my dearest friends and somebody who's story I felt passionately about telling in the most honest and intimate way possible. The subject matter is close to my heart; I have many friends, colleagues and family members that are part of the LGBTIQ+ community, one that I'm a part of myself, and felt there was an opportunity to tell a story that intertwined immense bravery, admiration, art, expression, and education all in one cohesive short doc. So I made it. Watch it.

    What's Your Flava? (6x5 min web series) (2018)


    In this slow-cooked speed dating show, four pairs of friends go on rotating dinner dates. Throughout the series, we follow eight young bisexuals as they look for love, friends or maybe something a little spicier. We watch as they clash, laugh and flirt their way through three courses – the whole time gaining a unique insight into what it is like to grow up and experience romance as a young bisexual person.


    As a bisexual woman, it was an absolute dream to be a key collaborator on What's Your Flava?

    Giving screen voice to a community that is desperately underrepresented in society, even more so the media, this short web series enabled us as a creative collective of young, open-minded, inclusive and passionate individuals to shine the light on the realities of dating and relationships on the bisexual spectrum.


    (Something that has never been done before, all with a pocket full of pennies, a phenomenal group of producers, a tight knit crew and the trust to make the bold decisions we did to get this out into the world.)


    Cat Food (2016)



    Gloria can't find the bacon. What on earth will she feed her children for breakfast?


    Directed by Oliver Levi-Malouf, Cat Food was the first short film I worked on in the art department and it truly solidified my love for all things fake blood, 50s design and decor and cats on set. I worked closely with Liv Gillan the Production Designer as the Set Dresser, and on the day of the shoot the lead actress went to hospital... so after hours spent slogging away over the set at stupid o'clock in the morning I got changed into costume and sent to the chair in hair and make-up and became Gloria. A truly exciting and unpredictable film that was delightfully challenging and a joy to make.

    Greenhouse Girl (2018)



    A short mood film meant to show case production design elements of scenic art, costume and SFX, shot in the studio at AFTRS, set in an interpretation of an art deco greenhouse.


    I was the set dresser and scenic artist; painting and ageing the flats, the purpose built windows and flooring. I collaborated with Oliver Levi-Malouf (costume), Didi De Graaf (Props/SFX) and Erin Sayers (window construction/greens) over the course of 3 days to completely construct, bump-in, shoot and bump out this project.

    Witch Hunties & Gronks Show Reel (2017)



    Witch Hunties directed by Michail Mathioudakis


    Gronks directed by Alexei Toliopoulos


    FLESH DREAM (2018)



    FLESH DREAM directed by Kane Gaundar. (Proof of concept short)


    After the death of their friend, two students discover a disturbing website that kills anyone that ventures too far into its domain.


    The most challenging project to date, this was the first horror/gore film I'd worked on, and had the absolute pleasure of diving head first into. I learned a vast array of skills in building and creating complex latex masks, special effects techniques and the costume and creature design for 2 main characters in the film.


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